Catchy, Catchy

Hey there, fellow bloggers!  I am back with some more tips on creating an amazing blog that your readers will be excited to read. I have done some research, and it seems that many bloggers would agree that an attention grabbing title for both your blog and your posts is of utmost importance.

Let’s face reality.  If the content of your blog is not appealing, it will not matter how fabulous your photos, graphics, fonts, and titles are.  However, all of these aspects can greatly impact whether your readers make it to the content of the blog or not.  Do you read magazines or newspapers?  Our eyes tend to lock in on the articles with titles that are catchy or appeal to us.  The following blog articles discuss the importance of catchy titles in blogging:

All of these blog posts give excellent tips on creating titles for blogs and blog posts that will catch the attention of nearly any reader.  A common tip among the above mentioned blog posts is that unless a reader is already a regular follower, they likely came across your blog post through key words in a search engine search.  For example, if you write a blog about cake decorating, and you post a blog about decorating a cake for a first birthday.  A reader may google, “how to decorate a cake for a first birthday.”  Your blog pops up.  The title of the blog, the photographs, graphics, fonts, and content of the blog post are going to determine whether this reader becomes a permanent follower or a one-time visitor.  Follow these tips, and create a blog that readers want to follow!


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