Catchy, Catchy

Hey there, fellow bloggers!  I am back with some more tips on creating an amazing blog that your readers will be excited to read. I have done some research, and it seems that many bloggers would agree that an attention grabbing title for both your blog and your posts is of utmost importance.

Let’s face reality.  If the content of your blog is not appealing, it will not matter how fabulous your photos, graphics, fonts, and titles are.  However, all of these aspects can greatly impact whether your readers make it to the content of the blog or not.  Do you read magazines or newspapers?  Our eyes tend to lock in on the articles with titles that are catchy or appeal to us.  The following blog articles discuss the importance of catchy titles in blogging:

All of these blog posts give excellent tips on creating titles for blogs and blog posts that will catch the attention of nearly any reader.  A common tip among the above mentioned blog posts is that unless a reader is already a regular follower, they likely came across your blog post through key words in a search engine search.  For example, if you write a blog about cake decorating, and you post a blog about decorating a cake for a first birthday.  A reader may google, “how to decorate a cake for a first birthday.”  Your blog pops up.  The title of the blog, the photographs, graphics, fonts, and content of the blog post are going to determine whether this reader becomes a permanent follower or a one-time visitor.  Follow these tips, and create a blog that readers want to follow!


Lights, Camera, Action

Welcome back!  Blogging can be an exciting way to share knowledge and personal thoughts. Page viewers who are reading blogs are looking for something eye catching in addition to quality writing. Head-turning graphics, modern text fonts, bright photographs, and catchy videos are a few ways to draw page viewers into your blog.  A quality layout and easy navigation are two more ways to grab the attention of blog readers. Gorgeous photos can add a lot of appeal to viewers looking for new blogs to follow.

Blogs like,,, and are known for their eye-catching photos. The audiences of these blogs continue to come back each week to view the breathtaking photography.  These writers found that their audiences craved photographs while reading blog posts.  Photographs can enhance the reader’s experience.

The following articles are blog posts that either feature head-turning graphics or explain how to create exciting graphics on your blog:

The above blog posts are excellent examples of the importance of graphics in blog posts and on blog websites.

Interesting fonts are also an important part of catching the eye of a reader.  Several websites such as;

provide free fonts or explain to other bloggers how to properly utilize fonts on their blogs.  These are just a few of the many resources available on the web to help new bloggers create a blog that will blow readers out of the water, and keep them coming back to read more.

Videos or vlogs are another way to add pizzazz to your blog page. Videos can add to the reader’s experience just as much as photographs, graphics, and fonts. Some page viewers prefer blog posts that provide videos embedded within the text as an enhancement of the writing.  Other readers prefer to not have to worry about watching a video in addition to reading the text.  As in most things, videos on blogs is a reader preference.  Some readers enjoy having the added attention drawing video while other readers prefer to simply read your thoughts.

Good luck bloggers!

Starting a Blog

Welcome to my blog!  My name is Bree Harris. I have a passion for writing, and I would like to share with you some of what I love.

I would like to start by sharing some information on how you can create a spectacular blog. In any writing setting, the author should consider the importance of knowing their audience.  Who is your audience? What do you want your audience to gain from your blog?  A blog needs to have a purpose, and identifying the audience will further identify the purpose. When starting a blog, start by thinking about the type of audience this blog will be geared towards.  Bloggers have to sell their blogs.  The internet is full of a variety of blogs.

Considering your audience is not a new concept.  All writers, since the beginning of literature, have had to take their audience into consideration. Traditional, business and personal writing are all forms of writing that require the author take the audience into consideration.  In a business setting, most superiors would be mortified to receive an email or professional memo that started, “Sup, boss!” This casual style of writing is not appropriate for the workplace; however, had the writer taken his or her audience into consideration the reader’s attention would have been more focused on the content of the writing.

To sum up, blogging is an exciting way to share your writing without having to seek out a literary agent; however, taking the audience into consideration is the first step to a successful blog. If a blog does not catch readers’ attention, then those readers will move on to the next blog.